The New England Center's Continuing Ministry to Pastors and Students

Central New England Expositors' Fellowship
A monthly discussion with quarterly seminars
(An hour north of Boston)
  1. 2015 - Pastor Greg Gilbert - "Preaching the Synoptic Gospels - Selected Passages from the Gospel of Matthew"
  2. 2015 - "Difficulties and Trials of Ministry"  - Dr. Hershael York, Dr. Rick Holland, Jamie Owens - 
  3. 2015 - "Behold your God" - Dr. John Snyder
  4. 2014 - Ruth - Dr. Derek Thomas - "Preaching Old Testament Narrative"
  5. 2014 - "Loyaty" -Dr. Stephen Davey & Bobby Jamieson
  6. 2013 - "OnePassion" - Steve Lawson, RC Sproul & John MacArthur 
  7. 2012 - Second Timothy - Al Mohler & Lig Duncan
  8. 2011 - Philippians - Thabiti Anyabwile & Greg Gilbert
  9. 2010 - The Solution - The Exposition of the Word of God - Mark Dever, Derek Thomas, & Matt Schmucker
  10. 2009 - The Problem - There is a Famine in the Land of New England - Steven J. Lawson


Nothing speaks to a pastor's heart more than good quality books.  However, with the cost of everything going up and budgets being strained, many find it hard to justify purchasing "friends" to line their shelves.  Therefore each year the New England Center attempts to provide a bookstore where the pastors presenct can purchase a few high quality books.

As someone once said:  The pastor who has stopped reading should stay out of the pulpit.