Host Family FAQ

What should we do when the intern first arrives?

When the intern first arrives,
greet him and his guests personally and warmly. Also introduce him to the entire family, and any other guests in the home. Your intern is new to the area, and will not know what to expect. Be very specific in what you expect from them, and what you plan to provide. Inform them of the usual dinner time, and routine of your family.
Do we provide meals for the interns?

It is recommended to provide food for the intern, but not required for every meal. Should you be providing meals to the intern, provide food generously, although within your means. Ensure that the intern knows which items are available for snacks or meals when you are away and which are “off limits”. Also take the intern’s food allergies and preferences into account when planning meals. 
How involve should the intern be with the family?

If possible, invite the intern to participate in the regular routine of your family. This may include meals, parties, prayer or simply watching a television program together. With that being said, both he and you should show respect for each other’s privacy. Never read through his mail, go through private items, or eavesdrop on conversations. If a problem should arise, speak to your pastor if necessary, and not to other church members.
 Is the intern allowed to use the whole household?

Inform the intern which areas of your home you expect for them to utilize, and also which areas are not to be entered.
Should I expect the intern to help around the house?

Allow the intern to help with household chores such as dishwashing and their own laundry.
What else should I provide besides meals?

Since the students will be studying, adequate lighting and Internet service should be provided.