Intern FAQ
Does the host family need to know your schedule?

          The two most important items to remember as you are arriving are:
                   1.  Stay safe - If you are tired or the weather is bad, pull over.
                   2.  Stay in touch with your host family.  They need to know the date and approximate time you will arrive.
                   Throughout the internship they should know your plans.  You do not need to include details, but they need to
                   know  when you plan on being in the house or whether you will be home for supper.

Will I have working hours, or am I on my own schedule?

Assume that you are working “normal working hours”. Sleep schedules should be adjusted accordingly. You should arrive at your host church on time, as if you were on staff at that church. You should be rested and ready to participate in prayer, discussions, etc. throughout the day.

How should I assist my host family?

Offer to help. If your offer is declined, find other ways you might assist. Anything from cutting grass to splitting wood could be a great help to the homeowner. Offer to wash the breakfast dishes, water the plants, etc. You should find at least one household chore to take on as your responsibility for the duration of your stay. For the respect of others’ privacy, you should also never read mail, go through private items, or eavesdrop on conversations. Hold all conversations in confidentiality. Also be aware of others’ needs. Your host should take priority in telephone, bathroom, and other schedules. Upon departing, please thank your host appropriately.

Do I eat dinner with my host family?

Yes. Ask what time your host family usually eats, and plan to adjust your schedule to fit their routine. Please inform your host of any food related allergies. 

What if a church family invites me over for dinner?  

Respond to invitations to meals or other family activities from your church members promptly. By 2:00 PM, your host family should know whether you will be eating dinner with them or not. Also, be dependable by arriving for dinner on time.

What should I do with laundry and personal belongings?  

Be responsible for your own room, including laundry, cleaning up your bathroom, etc. Assume that laundry, to include linen and towels, are to be washed at least weekly. 

What if I need more things?

Feel free to ask for things you need – additional blankets, a fan, aspirin, etc. There are also plenty of local stores close by, like Wal-Mart, for any additional resources you need.