Host Church FAQ
What happens when the intern first arrives?

Be ready for the interns when they arrive as if they were someone moving in next door to the church. A welcome gift of a book not associated with the internship also sets the mood for the rest of the semester. When they first arrive, greet the interns as if they were new members who come with letters of recommendation from a well-known sister church. Also, please introduce the intern to the congregation as soon as possible.
What do we need to provide for the intern?

Provide space in which the intern can study, preferably their own office or a desk within a larger office / room. Once trust has been established, give the intern a key to get into the church. Also, Internet access is critical for their time in New England. Please give the intern access to the Internet via the church’s network. For sermon preparation, allow the intern to use an area of the building, including the use of the pulpit, so that he can practice his sermons.
How can the congregation help?

The congregation should take some ownership of the intern; one example would be inviting him to dinner occasionally before he heads back to seminary.
What is required for housing the intern?

Housing will be dependent upon the particular student. Single or married couples can generally live in an in-law apartment. Couples with children will generally need more space, such as an empty parsonage or apartment. Providing toys would be appropriate for the children. In the past, interns have eaten with the host families. Also, students will need Internet access and access to books that they will use for sermon preparation.
Should we be showing the intern around the area?

It is preferred if you have time to show the intern around the area. But if you do not have time, at least give him
a map of the town, surrounding towns, and/or state. Either way, these are preferred items and locations to show him throughout his time in New England:
  •             Location of host church
  •             Location of elder responsible for intern
  •             Location of small group study the intern will be attending during the week
  •             Gas station that has a reasonable price
  •             Groceries
  •             Where to get Medical Assistance – Dartmouth Hitchcock has pre-approved NECEP interns and their student insurance while they are with us. However, they need to get in touch with DH and get a primary care physician assigned before they need medical help, so they do not need to go to an emergency room and pay the big bucks.
  •             Where to get Dental
  •             Location of a barber 
  •             If married, location of a hair stylist for interns wife
  •             Local health club (Students can often get guest membership for $10 for the three months time with us.)
  •             Walking trails
  •             Mall
  •             What parts of town to avoid if traveling alone