Former NECEP Pastors' Conferences
Dr. Stephen Davey
Keynote speaker at
NECEP 2014 Pastors' / Leaders' Conference
"Pererverence Past and Present"

Dr. Stephen Davey
Senior Pastor Colonial Baptist Church
President of Shepherd's Theological Seminary &
Keynote Speaker on "Wisdom for the Heart" Cary, NC
A Christian Radio Broadcast heard daily on four Continents

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The New England Center for Expository Preaching
2013 Pre-Conference - Five Solas

Dr. Steven J. Lawson and Dr. R. C. Sproul
2013 Pastors' Conference - OnePassion
Dr. Steven J. Lawson & Dr. John MacArthur

Top ten "takeaways" from the OnePassion Conference
          1.         Understanding What Expository Preaching Is —and What Is It Not
          2.         Crafting An Expository Sermon with Excellence
          3.         Infusing Passion into Your Preaching
          4.         Maximizing Your Time in the Study
          5.         Making Your Preaching Personal for the Listener
          6.         Drawing From the Various Genres of Scripture
          7.         Aiming for the Glory of God in Every Sermon
          8.         Proclaiming the Gospel in Your Preaching
          9.         Learning From the Best Historical Examples in Preaching
        10.       Overcoming Discouragement and Burnout in Preaching

What is "OnePassion"? - See OnePassion Ministries.
NECEP 2012 Pastors' Conference
Dr. Al Mohler and Dr. Ligon Duncan
A Demonstration of Expository Preaching using Second Timothy
NECEP 2011 Pastors' Conference
Thabiti Anyabwile, Greg Gilbert et. al
A Demonstration of Expository Preaching using Philippians

NECEP 2010 Pastors' Conference
Mark Dever, Derek Thomas, & Matt Schmucker, et al
There is a solution - 9Marks of a Healthy Church

NECEP 2009 Pastors' Conference - Dr. Steven J. Lawson
There is a problem - The Famine in New England