Why New England
Why New England?

Dr. Steven J. Lawson in April 2013 states:
"In the corridors of this northeast corner of the United States, there is a vast, highly-dense population that encompasses a major portion of this country. To penetrate N.E. with the gospel is to capture a significantly large populace. The influence of this area in terms of finance, commerce, banking, media, education, politics, athletics, and the arts is, virtually, unparalleled. To reach N.E. for Christ is to exert a profound influence that reaches far beyond its borders that will impact the rest of America and, ultimately, the world. For these reasons and more, biblical preaching is desperately needed in N.E. Given the dire state of this spiritually barren region, recapturing its pulpit must be a chief priority in this day."

Why New England? - Because, God willing, New England might be used to blaze a path for the nation once again. If the "best and brightest" seminary graduates are willing to be deployed where they are needed most, their combined resolve to preach the Gospel on the front lines of the Spritual battle for New England may be heard throughout this nation and around the world.

Those who can rightly divide the Word of God, those who have the backbone to preach the Word of God weekly, those who are not willing to water it down because of the latest fad; are needed "to exert a profound influence that reaches far beyond" the borders of New England.