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Endorsements & Verbal History

Dr. Albert Mohler
President - Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Dr. Steven J. Lawson
There is a "Famine in the Land of New England"

NECEP 2014 Keynote Speaker - Bobby Jamieson
Reflections on the New England and the NECEP Pastors' Conference 

45 Seconds with Dr. John MacArthur
Senior Pastor Grace Community Church
President The Master's Seminary

Currently Cambridge, England - Bobby Jamieson
Reflections on the New England Center's Expository Preaching internship
60 Seconds with Dr. RC Sproul
Senior Pastor - St. Andrews Church
Founder Ligonier Ministries

NECEP Former Interns
Nick Melonas & Brian Phillips
(TMS & RTS Charlotte)
Discuss Weekly Sermon Preparation and Delivery

Former Interns
Matthew Browning & Nate Wolcott
SBTS & RTS Charlotte
Discuss what happens during the rest of week

Dr. Don Whitney
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - Louisville, KY

Dr. Rod Culbertson
Reformed Theological Seminary - Charlotte, NC

Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile
Senior Pastor - First Baptist Church - Grand Cayman

Former Intern now Rhode Island
Pastor John Savage
Carolina Free Baptist Church -   - Carolina, RI

Former Intern now New Hampsire
Pastor Bob Kruger
New Hope Christian Fellowship -  - - - -Bedford, NH

Dr. Steven Lawson
Final Words to First New England Center Pastors' Conference

Dr. R. Albert Mohler
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
A few Words on NECEP Internship