Preach Well

"Preaching and worship can leave a new Christian or a visitor feeling overwhelmed and unwecome.  

Some pastors and churches have attempted to solve this problem by removing any insider lingo or theological terms.  But in doing this they run the risk of losing the gospel itself since the good news of Jesus deals with very theological issures like on sin, alienation from God, repentance, justification, propitiation, substitution, sanctification and more. How can one’s preaching be true to the gospel but also accessible to anyone?

1.  Don't dumb it down, EXPLAIN IT.
2.  Don't Avoid Difficult Theology, ILLUSTRATE IT.
3.  Don't merely explain it, REWORD IT AND REPEAT IT
4.  Don't preach to church like you would to a group of seminary students.
" - Dr. Hershael York