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New England?  -  You in New England?  -  Before you do anything else, please pray about what you are considering.  Discuss your thoughts with those you trust; your family, your pastor, your professors, and your closest friends.

New England is not the Bible belt.  Do not expect to find Bible believing churches on every corner or have multiple Christian radio stations to select from.  Such is not the case.  However, though the current trends in New England are alarming, God is still in control and His sovereign will, will be accomplished at a time that He has already set. 

The New England Center for Expository Preaching seeks men (seminary students or graduates) who are willing to be used by God to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to New England.  Individuals who think they can save the world based upon any class that they have taken or talent that they might have should stay home.  Only those who are willing to humbly proclaim God's Word to all who will listen, and are willing to admit that God is the one who bends knees and transforms hearts are asked to pray about the challenge of preaching the Gospel in the six least Christian states in the US.