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Where to Begin?

Put away your résumé, your pen, paper, and copy of Turabian.  At this moment there are five much more important tasks to be done.

Get down on your knees and pray.  Seriously - Pray about what why you think God is calling you to do.  Talk to a few of those who are close to you, then pray some more. 

NECEP is not a vacation in the northeast.  Working bi-vocationally or taking other courses is not permitted simply because there is not enough time during a week.

If you have prayed and feel that you would like to be considered for an internship talk to your faculty advisor and pastor.  Trust their judgements.  If they say that you need to wait, wait.  

Talk to one of the senior preaching professors at the seminary you attend.  In order to move on in the application process, we need to have a preaching professor give their endorsement of your ability to prepare and deliver sermons.  Please have him email a letter of recommendation to

If your faculty advisor, the senior preaching professor, and your pastor agree that you are ready to preach weekly on passages that are assigned to you, to the unreached people group in New England, call 603-391-7580. This will simply open up a folder for you into which everything, to include all paperwork can be filed.

Your SENIOR pastor also needs to recommend you because the professor may know your academic capability but your pastor knows if you are Biblically ready to proclaim the Word of God.  Please have him email a letter of recommendation to

Once your professor, your pastor, you, and your wife if you have one have agreed that you are capable of preparing and delivering expository sermons weekly in New England, then we can begin talking about filling in forms.