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I. Internship Description

An applied ministry / preaching practicum that seeks to give students desiring to go into the preaching ministry opportunities to preach in a manner that is faithful to the author’s original intent. Students hear and critique known expositors speaking of various passages, while preparing and delivering sermons weekly throughout New England. Each intern also works within a single host church and under the direction of a single host pastor.
II. Internship Objectives

The student who successfully completes the internship will have accomplished the following objectives:

  1. Preached weekly to churches of varying sizes and denominations on passages that are selected by the church in which he will preach. A diversity of genre should be anticipated.
    • Learned how to apply appropriate heremenutical principles to the various genres found in the Old Testament in order to determine the author’s intended meaning in the text.
  2. Developed skill in determining theological principles found in an Old Testament text and applying them to situations in the contemporary world.
  3. Refined his ability to prepare and deliver expository messages based on Old Testament texts.
  4. To gain a deeper appreciation for the relevance of preaching from the Old Testament today.
III. Preaching Requirement
Preach the text. Do not get side tracked by personal opinions, current fads, word studies, or details that are secondary to that which the original hearers would have understood. Stay focused on the passage and what God has said through it, said to the original hearers and to us.
IV. Internship Weekly Requirements
Required Textbooks
None unless your faculty advisor should designate one or more.

Internship Required Audio
The following audio's are only a portion of the total audio you will be listening to throughout the internship:
MacArthur, John – Does Truth Matter Anymore
Sproul, RC, The Holiness of God
Sproul, RC, The Sovereignty of God
Mohler, Albert, Various Radio Broadcasts
Dever, Mark, 9Marks of a Healthy Church

Internship Written Requirement
Due dates for each of the following will be determined when you arrive for the internship:
Sermon Manuscripts
Internship Self Evaluation Progress Reports
Internship Weekly Timesheet
Internship Evaluation of Field Trips
V. Grading

The grading of the internship is somewhat subjective. This is not a math class where if one gets every answer correct, an “A” is a given. In general it can be thought of in three parts:
Sermon preparation and delivery- 33.3%
Participation in Audio Forums- 33.3%
Participation in host church's pastoral needs & NECEP field trips 33.3%
A pastor’s life is just as important as his ability to pull together Biblically sound sermons. Therefore, the interns are evaluated on their lifestyle once they step out of the pulpit, in addition to that which is perceived by the congregation when they proclaim the Word of God. Participation in the audio forums forces each intern to critique various sermons and interact with peers. Participation in the host church forces each intern to be flexible, fulfilling the needs as they arise; which often means doing more than that which one would expect to be required.
VI. Compensation

A stipend of $300 per week is given to each intern. This stipend was paid directly to the student’s respective seminary towards their tuition, books, etc. Note: This number is subject to change (up or down).
The stipend is not given to the interns in the form of a paycheck. Therefore, all who participate in the internship should be prepared to live as if they were going on a mission trip. Supportive churches and grants from seminaries should be sought because there will not be time to hold a job while participating in the internship.
Since this is a ministry to the churches of New England, students are NOT to take honorariums from the churches they serve.
VII. Application

To apply for the NECEP Internship, please review the Application Process to be considered for the desired semester.
VIII. More Information

For more details and information regarding the internship, please download the Course Syllabus.