Is the New England Center Reformed?
If by "Reformed" one asks: is The New England Center a conservative, evangelical, Christian ministry, the answer is a resounding YES!
The New England Center believes that the Reformers were correct when the focal point was turned back to what does the Bible say.
Like the reformers, the New England Center believes that salvation is by Grace alone, through faith alone; and that the righteousness of Christ is imputed to all who God "foreknew" as His before the first second of time had passed.

However being "Reformed" is not the primary question.
It is much more important to be Christian than to perfectly understand reformation theology.
One day everyone will be evaluated by God as to whether they believed in His Son.
No one will be evaluated as to whether they were or were not (anything else).

In brief, until the Spirit of God allows one to understand the Word of God every single person is equally crushed by sin. 
However, at the precise moment when God decrees, some believe the Gospel, worship God, and begin to study of His Word.
Five or so years later the details of systematic theology can be studied in an attempt to grasp how all of the attributes of God, the Salvific Work of Jesus Christ, and the continuing Work of Holy Spirit fit and work togeher.  And then, if there is time, one can determine where one's stands regarding such terms as "reformed" (or whatever).

Yes, there is much to be learned from the reformers.
They corrected a lot of errors that had slipped into what they were being taught.
There is also much to be learned from the awakenings.
Likewise there is much to be learned from 21st century pastors who faithfully teach the Bible and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Chances are either we will die or Christ will return before we exhaust learning about and worshiping the God who chose to save His saints during this thing called life.  Thankfully, the elect have an eternity to contiue worshiping Him in glory.